Feed a Family of Four on $160/month, Quick Start Guide

Feed a Family of Four on $160/month Part 1, is the first in a series of booklets teaching adults how to Feed a Family of Four on $160/month. We set the standard high by helping people learn how to achieve five goals every time they eat. It must be 1) healthy and nutritious 2) quick and easy 3) inexpensive 4) delicious 5) appealing. In this basic 18 page Quick Start Guide, you'll learn eight key principles to get you on the right path to eating much better, while saving a lot of money. Included are nine easy recipes to get you started RIGHT NOW! Cost: $5.95 plus $2.00 s/h. By joining our Feed a Family Group, you'll receive this book online for FREE! Go to www.feedafamilytips.com for details!